Tax Levy Attorney: Seeking the Advice of a Tax Attorney

Tax Levy Attorney

A tax levy is an unpleasant experience for anyone, even if they think they are doing the right thing. Tax levies are one of the most dreaded experiences of a homeowner because of their limited ability to avoid it. In most cases, this is the result of unpaid taxes or tax penalties that have become past due. A tax levy occurs when the state government seizes your home as a form of debt for the back taxes you owe. This can seem harsh but it’s perfectly legal and typically results from the neglect of tax payments over a period of time. If you owe more than your home is worth and have not been able to contact your tax provider about a plan to resolve the delinquency, it’s time to contact a Denver tax levy attorney who will review your case.


The legal system in Denver allows people to settle their own taxes by arbitration, through the court system, or through the compact process called a “comprehensive settlement.” You will need to determine the best method for you to resolve your delinquency. Depending on your circumstances, you might be entitled to a free consultation with a Denver tax attorney to determine your options. Some attorneys offer a free consultation; others charge a fee. Whether you choose to meet with a Denver tax attorney for a free consultation or pay for a professional consultation, you must understand the charges involved before you proceed.


You may also receive a written statement from your tax provider indicating their intention to pursue collection or levy. These notices, if you are unable to attend a free consultation, are important documents you should consider carefully. They will provide detailed information about the amount you will owe, when you will be due for payment and when you will be able to request an appraisal of the property to determine its value. It is advisable to review these statements before you hire a Denver tax lawyer in Denver. Attorneys generally charge no consultation fees if you obtain a written statement from your tax provider. Some will charge a fee if you file a court action after the completion of the free consultation.


Another advantage of seeking the advice of a tax attorney in Denver is that they are familiar with state and local laws that apply to taxpayers in your area. They can help you avoid problems with local agencies such as zoning or permits. It is important to remember that a levy can be an extraordinary situation that forces a tax payer to consider options other than a settlement with the IRS. If the tax payer is not properly informed, he or she could be subject to criminal prosecution.


Even if you are not facing criminal prosecution, you could be facing financial penalties or potential liens. A tax lawyer can advise you on the steps you should take if the IRS takes action against you. For example, you might be in violation of the law if you fail to report a significant increase in your income or pay a tax because of improper deductions. If you are involved in a lawsuit, a tax lawyer can protect your legal rights by working with the opposing party’s attorney to settle the case. For more information about what a tax attorney can do for you, check out


When it comes to the unfortunate reality of tax liability, there is no time to waste. If you do not seek professional advice from a tax lawyer in Denver, you could face criminal prosecution. Many people wrongly think that filing for bankruptcy will keep them out of trouble. However, that is not the case. In fact, filing for bankruptcy is only a viable option for those who are in dire circumstances, and cannot work out any type of tax relief agreement with the IRS. If you have been a victim of a levy, you should consult with a qualified tax attorney in Denver to see what you can do to resolve the issue.